Sunday, February 23, 2020
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Concealed Carry Tips for Women

More and more women are choosing to carry a concealed weapon for their own safety. If you’re a concealed gun owner or are looking to become one, consider these tips to make your experience of gun ownership both safe and comfortable.

Find a Gun and Holster Right for You

When you’re first picking out your gun, it’s important to choose one that feels comfortable in your hand. If your gun doesn’t suit you, it could potentially make drawing your weapon more difficult and dangerous. It’s also crucial to have the right holster that fits comfortably against your body and keeps your gun secure. The perfect holster will prevent printing while allowing you to safely draw your weapon. There are many different styles of holsters to choose from in order to accommodate different outfits.

Wear the Right Clothes

Like holsters, clothing is very important to keep your weapon secure and concealed in order to prevent an accident. If you like to wear holsters on your waistband, then make sure you’re always wearing a shirt that is baggy around the hips. Other clothing options include undershirts with built-in holsters or leggings and shorts with a built-in concealed thigh holster. Just be sure to choose the right clothing for your body type that will keep you safe and comfortable.

Get a Lot of Practice

The most important aspect of gun ownership is ensuring that you know how to safely use your weapon, and that requires you to be confident that you know just that. Even after you go through the initial training to get your concealed weapon, you should continuously practice and learn the safest procedures. The more familiar you are with your weapon, the way it works and how you would use it in a dire situation, the safer you and everyone else will be.

By being comfortable with your weapon and its concealment and keeping safety your top priority, you’ll be able to take on the responsibility that comes with gun ownership.

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