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The Different Holidays in Hawaii Which You Should Know

You need to know that Hawaii comes with a really rich culture and history. For the entire year, they celebrate holidays that are really unique to Hawaii and in fact, there are those three state holidays that are quite unique there as well and others that are brought from other locations.

Hawaii celebrates Prince Kuhio Day which is being honored all over Hawaii during March 26. There are canoe races, the parades as well as luaus in order to celebrate the great prince who helped to improve the lives of the Hawaiian people. One was actually born in 1871 and he was elected to the US Congress and gained reelection to such amazing 10 times. He was quite influential in helping pass such 1920 Hawaiian Homes Commission Act, providing homesteads for those Native Hawaiians.

Another holiday which is celebrated in Hawaii is Admissions Day. This is known too as Statehood Day that is considered as one state holiday celebrated each third Friday of August.

Also, there is the Lei Day that honors the month of May or Lei and such fragrant flower leis that would greet so much visitors to the Islands in Hawaii. You should know that the Hawaiian schools as well as communities often elect the Lei Day Court and those pageants for the Lei Day Queen held in the islands. Each island has its owns special flower in which the leis are made and that are gifted at the parades and other celebrations. You have to keep in mind that the leis aren’t the same and the color of the lei as well as the manner it is gifted comes with so many meanings.

There is also Girls Day which is from the Islands of Japan when a lot of Japanese people came to live here. The day actually represents love, peace, beauty as well as happiness. Though seldom celebrated in Japan now, the Hawaii girls can still receive gifts of cookies, dolls, diamond shaped cakes as well as small trinkets. There are such parades which are also being held in order to display the many kimonos as well as dolls which are handed down for various generations.

There is also the Boys Day which is another holiday that Hawaii is celebrating. Such is the day that is celebrated in Hawaii and was being brought to Hawaii by the people in Japan. Also, the symbol of the Boys Day is the Koi Fish that would represent strength and also longevity. On Boys Day, it is really required for the boys to make those kites in the form of Koi and they would then fly them from their houses from eldest to youngest. Boys would then receive various gifts such as samurai dolls as well as the mochi cakes.

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